Swap from any major cryptocurrency into any other major cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds to minutes using Change Now. There is no fee for this service other than the Change Now spread which are the best rates available.

Basic Instructions

1. Select the coin or token you currently have (You Send) and want to swap out of.

2. Select the coin or token you want to swap into. (You Get).

3. Select Exchange.

4. Provide the CORRECT address where you want your received coin or token to be deposited. Please be sure this is correct. Copy/Paste is best. There are no refunds for incorrect use of this service.

5. Follow the instructions by sending the amount you selected to the address displayed.

6. Leave page open until the transaction is complete. The time will vary but is usually completed between 30 seconds and 1 hour depending on the coin or token and the current amount of network traffic.

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