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What are Seed Stacks?  Simply put, Seed Stacks are are stacks of washers with your Bitcoin wallet seed words stamped into them for safe keeping in case wallet recovery is needed.  Recovery of your wallet may be needed in the case of wallet hardware failure or loss of any kind like.  As long as you have your seed words, you can always recover your wallet on a new device.

Our Seed Stacks are designed to be decentralized and easily accessible.  By this we mean, any standard M8 X 24 washers obtained from anywhere can be used with our Cardinal M824 Seed Phrase Die.  Simply use the Cardinal Seed Phrase Die to properly stamp your seed words in order onto your chosen washer type, bolt together and place in a safe place.  Your Bitcoin is then as safe as you can protect it and secure it.  A bit like the self custody of silver, gold, food, weapons or anything else you value and want to protect.. 

Bitcoin Self Custody is the premise of holding Bitcoin yourself in a Bitcoin wallet that you control and not trusting a third party like a corporation, exchange, custody wallet or bank to hold your Bitcoin on your behalf.  

The Bitcoin seed phrase, also known as a seed backup or mnemonic phrase, is a crucial component of securing your Bitcoin.  It serves as a backup for the private keys that control access to your Bitcoin funds. The seed phrase consists of a series of randomly generated words, typically 12, 18, or 24 in number, which are used to derive the private keys for your Bitcoin addresses. The importance of the seed phrase lies in its ability to restore access to your Bitcoin funds in case of wallet loss, theft, or hardware failure. By securely storing your seed phrase, you essentially possess a backup that can recreate your private keys and recover your Bitcoin holdings. This backup feature is especially valuable in a decentralized system like Bitcoin, where there is no central authority to retrieve lost or stolen funds. When setting up a Bitcoin wallet, you are often prompted to write down and store your seed phrase in a safe and secure location. It is crucial to follow this step diligently, as losing the seed phrase can result in permanent loss of your Bitcoin. The seed phrase is typically presented in a specific order, and it is essential to record it accurately.  In the event of losing access to your Bitcoin wallet, you can import or restore your wallet using the seed phrase. Most Bitcoin wallets offer a recovery option where you can input the seed phrase to regenerate the private keys and regain control over your funds. It is essential to emphasize the security aspect of the seed phrase. Since it holds the keys to your Bitcoin, it must be kept confidential and protected from unauthorized access.  Storing the seed phrase offline, preferably in a fireproof and waterproof container, or using hardware wallets designed for secure storage are recommended practices.  By safeguarding and properly storing your seed phrase, you can mitigate the risks associated with wallet loss or theft and retain control over your cryptocurrency holdings.

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