Beer Coupling Gaskets - EPDM Rubber Washers

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Rubber Washers or Gaskets for Beer Line and Keg Couplings and Shanks
Part Number: EPDM70-8121218

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Primal23 Industrial Beer Coupling Gaskets
EPDM Rubber Spacers / Washers

Premium Quality EPDM Rubber

13/16" Outside Diameter | 1/2" Inside Diameter
EEPDM SERIES Spacers / Washers

Hardness will vary with our EPDM Series Washers - Check for hardness if this in an important specification for your application!

Spacer / Washer Specifications:  
  • 13/16"  +/-.01"   Outside Diameter - (.81") 
  • 1/2" +/-.01"   Inside Diameter - (.50") | Hole 
  • 1/8" +/-.016"   Thick - (.125") 
  • 70 Duro +/- 5 (Shore A)

EPDM Specifications:
  •  Advantages of EPDM Rubber
    • Works well with hot and cold water 
    • For use with Drinking Water
    • Good high and low temperature resistance
    • Resistant to ozone
    • Resistant to steam
    • Resistant to water and alcohol

    Disadvantages of EPDM Rubber

    • Poor resistance to petroleum and lubricants
    • EPDM Rubber does not work well with with most oils, gasoline, kerosene

    Premium Quality EPDM Rubber Spacers / Washers

    It is the sole responsibility of our customers to determine suitable applications for any of our rubber washers.  

  • Beer brewing coupling gaskets
  • Keg Couplers and Shanks
  • Gaskets
  • Automotive, Motorcycle and Transportation
  • Vibration Suppression
  • Counters and Spacing
  • Engineering
  • Radio Control
  • Prototypes
  • Drones
  • Robotics
  • Construction
  • Indoor/Outdoor

Custom work considered upon request.  Quality and accuracy guaranteed.  All of our premium quality Endeavor Series, Performance Series and EPDM Rubber Washers are MADE IN THE USA.  Sort Endeavor Series washers by ID here.  Performance Series washers here.  If you like what you see, please consider telling a friend.  We appreciate referrals.

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