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1.000 Inch Diameter X .125 Thickness Rubber Disc

EPDM Rubber Disc

Part Number EPDM70D-1000125
Outside Diameter 1.000"
Inside Diameter N/A
Thickness .125"
Material EPDM 70
Reinforcement N/A
Catalog ID 1414
Locator N/A
Alternate Part Number/s
Additional Details Lead time approximately 3 weeks.
Price $0.00 per Pack
EPDM Rubber Disc
Part Number: EPDM70D-1000125
Availability: Out of Stock.
SPECIAL ORDER - Requires Minimum Order Quantity of : 1.000"
Outside Diameter: N/A
Thickness: .125"
Material Type: EPDM 70
Feature 5 N/A

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